Don Piper

Hello out there. Thanks for stopping by. I’m very excited to have been invited into this jam of sorts. An actual deadline to finish a song. What a brilliant concept. I HAVE to finish those songs. Someone is counting on me. I can’t let them down. Just in time too. The best part is going to be the playing. I love playing music. I love playing music with other musicians.  I love recording. That’s what I do most these days. I have a recording studio in the DUMBO neighborhood of Brooklyn where I get to hang out with musicians and songwriters all day long. Hearing songs go from demo to fully realized records is a thrill to me. Oh yea. Songs. Ok I’ll write some new songs. Here’s a list of favorites that I didn’t write.

Changes and The Bewley Brothers, (David Bowie) The bookends to my favorite album Hunky Dory.

Everyday People, (Sly & The Family Stone) There is no denying the genius of Sly Stone.

Last Time I Saw Richard, (Joni Mitchell) This song makes me cry every single time.

Coyote, (Joni Mitchell)  This song and the entire record of Hejira, is so full of vivid imagery.

You’re Not Alone, (Jeff Tweedy)  Jeff wrote this song for Mavis Staples for her latest album. Great tune.

It Makes No Difference, (Robbie Robertson)  I love Rick Danko’s vocal on this song, especially from The Last Waltz.

Call Me, (Al Green) Al offering a helping hand.

The Kiss, (Judee Sill) A gem of melodies and words.

Hope There’s Someone, (Antony & The Johnsons) I can’t imagine a more honest song and performance than this.

The Makings of You, (Curtis Mayfield)  a beautiful love song from one of the masters.

That’s Enough, (Joe Pisapia)  I was around for the inception of this song around a camp fire in the woods of Vermont. Says it all.