Jody Harris

Jody Harris

“A style is achieved by sedentary toil and study of the great masters” said…um…somebody, what’s-his-name – anyway, here I am, eternal student, committing (as in crime?) my songs to public record for the first time. Nice safe feeling here in the middle of this excellent scrum.

Although I have done some of these tunes in shows over the years, I’ve never been able to buy my own line as a performer (muted applause). Nonetheless, one do want one’s things to be heard, n’ est-ce pas? So I’m very happy to be struggling with the tech and the deadlines and the pesky fingers and everything to present them to you out there in Radioland.  I hope you dig them half as much as I dig writing them.

Favorite Songs (or lines from songs)

Hmmm..list of favorite songs…irrational number, you see…fiendishly difficult to actualize…

But let’s see what floats to the top.

Peter Blegvad’s In Hell’s Despite is right up there.

This rocket’s going nowhere
It’s traveling so fast.
In one end goes the future,
out the other comes the past.

with a guitar figure that  floats like an odalisque over the bones of a great hymn.

Just about anything on the Everly’s Songs our Daddy Taught Us, especially Down in the Willow Garden (creeps!), and the brutal Put My Little Shoes Away, which my mom used to sing, with a straight-face, while I cried and cried.

Then there’s B. Dylan, Lay Down Your Weary Tune:

I gazed down in the river’s mirror
And watched its winding strum.
The water smooth ran like a hymn
And like a harp did hum.

And that’s just what it does, too.

Also, random pick, the line

When he built a fire on Main Street
and shot it full of holes

from Memphis Blues Again. Makes my socks roll up and down. (Sing along with it in a bar sometime.)

I love all Rodgers and Hart—the sublime Where or When, Thou Swell , etc.  It’s like, might as well just  hand in my card and go home, right?

The obscure single It’s a Go-Go Place (c. 1964), by young J.J. Cale, is my favorite song that I’ll probably never hear again; Quine had the only copy I’ve ever seen. (Record dogs – ?)

James Brown’s There Was a Time just makes the time go away.

Black Satin from Miles Davis’ On the Corner (favorite album). So wicked. So advanced, y’know?

Wait! – no! – there’s more! (strangled cry….