Third One Now

All new music by: Dave Schramm, Peter Blegvad, Jody Harris, Kate Jacobs, Victoria Williams, Peter Holsapple, Laura Cantrell, Freedy Johnston and special guest Syd Straw with Mark Boone Jr.

Live performances by Jody Harris, Syd Straw w/ Mark Boone Jr. and Nicholas Hill; conversations with: Syd Straw, Jody Harris, Dave Schramm and Kate Jacobs

Starring Radio Free […]

Second Number

All new music from: Peter Blegvad, Victoria Williams, Kate Jacobs, Freedy Johnston, Laura Cantrell, Jody Harris, The Schramms & Peter Holsapple

Live performance by Freedy Johnston (with Dave Schramm) and Nicholas Hill; conversations with: Victoria Williams, Laura Cantrell, Freedy Johnston, Kate Jacobs & Dave Schramm

Starring Radio Free All-Star; Dave Schramm

Presented by: Nicholas Hill