Third One Now

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All new music by: Dave Schramm, Peter Blegvad, Jody Harris, Kate Jacobs, Victoria Williams, Peter Holsapple, Laura Cantrell, Freedy Johnston and special guest Syd Straw with Mark Boone Jr.

Live performances by Jody Harris, Syd Straw w/ Mark Boone Jr. and Nicholas Hill; conversations with: Syd Straw, Jody Harris, Dave Schramm and Kate Jacobs

Starring Radio Free All-Stars; David Mansfield, Dave Schramm

Presented by: Nicholas Hill

Dave Schramm, Something Went Wrong
written, performed, recorded by Dave
Hot Stove Music (BMI)

Peter Blegvad, The Cote d’Azur
written, performed, recorded by Peter
Copyright Control, Peter Blegvad

Jody Harris, A Dream
in studio live performance, w/ Dave Schramm, David Mansfield, and Syd Straw
written by Jody; Copyright Control Jody Harris

Kate Jacobs, Young Again, in Shillington
written by Kate, arranged and played by Dave Schramm
Small Pond Music (BMI)

Victoria Williams, Vic on Vic
written and performed by Victoria on piano, with David Mansfield on violin

i will go ahead and say what i can only just sing about
getting down to the unrehearsed cracked shell
may we meet again someday or today……
two peas in a pod went riding down the avenue together
pointing out all that they seen
like some crazy bird with black crown between us
i wanted so bad to lift you up…
oh but this is the only kind of exercise you have
watching you rise and fall didn’t those minutes pass
with applause at last
you were so strong you got yourself out
you were soooo strong you got yourself out
so i had to resist the desire to help
i —- and everyone else

Syd Straw, You Had Your Chance
written by Syd and Mark Boone Jr., performed live on the show by Syd, Boone, Dave Schramm and David Mansfield; Strawsongs (BMI, admin. by Bug Music)

Peter Holsapple, Don’t Call Me Pete
written and performed by Pete(r) with Tray and Kathleen Batson on background vocals
Hospital Music (BMI, admin. by Bug Music)

Laura Cantrell, Nothing Came Easy but the Tears
written and performed by Laura, Dave Schramm on guitar and David Mansfield on violin
Thrift Shop Songs (BMI, admin. by Bug Music)

Freedy Johnston, By The Broke Streetlight
written and performed by Freedy
Trouble Tree Music (BMI)

Nicholas Hill, I Eat Dinner (Kate McGarrigle)
with Syd Straw, Dave Schramm, and David Mansfield live on the show
Garden Court Music (ASCAP)

Engineered by Gary Arnold at Gary’s Chop Shop, NYC
February 15, 2010

Songwriters’ Comments:

Peter Blegvad:  This was recorded late at night, unfocused, and I guess I was trying not to disturb anyone. It’s a brand new song (still in progress, really). I play what Wiki defines as, “Jew’s harp, jaw harp, mouth harp, or Ozark harp, trump and juice harp. Thought to be one of the oldest musical instruments in the world.”

Peter Holsapple: The harmonica is my two year old’s plastic one since I couldn’t find my own.

Dave Schramm: A different approach to the message in Captain Beefheart’s Space Age Couple.  This one more a lament than an admonishment.