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All new music from:
 Dana Kletter, Byron Isaacs, Victoria Williams, Freedy Johnston, Peter Holsapple, Dave Schramm, Amy Allison, Heather Fae Speaker, Peter Blegvad, Kate Jacobs, and Laura Cantrell

Presented by: Nicholas Hill

The Radio Free All Stars: Dave Schramm, David Mansfield, Byron Isaacs, Paul Moschella and Andy Burton

Live at The Living Room. Byron Isaacs of Ollabelle was an All Star and guest writer, Dana Kletter was in town with a killer sad song. Dave wrote with Rick Moody again, and Laura with Sam Bisbee. Freedy brought a song about Joey Ramone. We played tracks from Victoria, Peter H and Peter B. Kate sang a song for the Queen’s Jubilee and Amy wrote about a real angel. Dana and Laura honored Doc Watson with Down in the Valley to Pray. RIP Doc.

Freedy Johnston, Time Zone (Freedy Johnston); recorded live the Radio Free All Stars; Trouble Tree Music (BMI)

Peter Holsapple, Didn’t You Used to Be? (Peter Holsapple); performed and recorded by Peter (see Notes, below); Hospital Music (BMI) admin by Bug Music

Dana Kletter, Poison Arrow (Dana Kletter); recorded live with the Radio Free All Stars; Stabat Modern Music (BMI)

Dave Schramm, Honest to a Fault (Dave Schramm/Rick Moody); recorded live with the Radio Free All Stars; Hot Stove Music (BMI)/ Grow Your Own Music (BMI).

Amy Allison, Angel Face (Amy Allison); recorded live with the Radio Free All Stars; Shop Girl Songs (BMI) admin. Bug Music

Heather Fae Speaker, Take This Flag (Heather Fae Speaker); recorded live with the Radio Free All Stars; Copyright Control Heather Fae Speaker

Peter Blegvad, Penny Black (Peter Blegvad); recorded live by Edward Haber at The Bowery Poetry Cafe with Dave Schramm, guitar; Joe Ruddick, piano; Dave Hofstra, bass; Copyright Control Peter Blegvad

Kate Jacobs, I’ve Always Liked the Queen (Kate Jacobs); recorded live with the Radio Free All Stars; Small Pond Music (BMI)

Byron Isaacs, The Line the Lie (Byron Isaacs); recorded live with the Radio Free All Stars; Copyright Control Byron Isaacs

Laura Cantrell, When it Comes to You (Laura Cantrell/Sam Bisbee); recorded live with the Radio Free All Stars; Thrift Shop Songs (BMI) admin. Bug Music/Copyright Control Sam Bisbee

Victoria Williams, Seven Pales of Thunder (Victoria Williams); recorded by Vic with overdubs by the Radio Free All Stars; Mumblety Peg Music (BMI)

Laura Cantrell and Dana Kletter: Down in the Valley to Pray (Doc Watson); recorded live with the Radio Free All Stars

Recorded by Jimi Zhivago at The Living Room NYC; June 21 2012
Additional engineering by Gaines Lagair and Milton Ruiz

Special thanks to Jennifer Gilson and everyone at The Living Room.


Peter Holsapple on Didn’t You Used to Be?
Recorded at home (Tele, Dano 63 bass, real drums, tambourine) and camping at Chincoteague VA. I brought the ProTools rig with me, having not finished the lyrics or the singing. So I finished the lyrics on the way home from a couple dB’s gigs in the back of a van, and I recorded the vocals in the driver’s seat of my van, running power to the computer and hard drive across the campsite. I could only think of Ben Vaughn and his album recorded in his Rambler. I’m missing a horn section repeating the riff, but otherwise, it’s pretty close to what I want.

How can you be the person you were ever again? Is change so bad or unnatural, even if it produces something entirely different from what you were?

Peter Blegvad on Penny Black:

I’ve never released a recording of this song so in that sense it’s ‘new’ but this was recorded by Edward Haber at a gig in NYC  (The Bowery Poetry Café, I think) several years ago. Many thanks, Ed! And thanks to all the musicians who were in the band that night — Dave Schramm on guitar, Joe Ruddick on piano, Dave Hofstra on bass.

The song, “Penny Black” , is about an irresistible but deadly stamp. It’s a bit like the “black spot”  — the paper token which means death to the recipient – in Treasure Island.