Lucky Thirteen

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All new music from:
Peter Holsapple, Laura Cantrell, Peter Blegvad, Kate Jacobs and Dave Schramm with special guests Don Piper and Glen Hansard, virtual guest Dale Lawrence (of the Vulgar Boatmen), guest singers Alana Amram and Timothy Hill, and author Leslie Daniels.

Presented by: Nicholas Hill

The Radio Free All Stars: Dave Schramm, David Mansfield, Doug Wieselman, Konrad Meissner, Jeremy Chatzky and Rob Burger

A billowing night of song.  Guests Don Piper and Glen Hansard took full advantage of the excellent All Star line up for gorgeous live performances — Glen even wrote a song on the spot, taught it to the band in a few swift strokes and voila, captured the essence of the RFSC. Charlie Louvin was honored with If I Could Only Win Your Love, sung by Kate and Alana Amram. Nicholas covered Buffy St. Marie for the heck of it. Author Leslie Daniels  read from her new novel. And plenty more.


Peter Holsapple, Lay It On the Line (Peter Holsapple); see recording credit below in Notes; Hospital Music (BMI) admin Bug Music

Laura Cantrell, Barely Said a Thing (Laura Cantrell) performed and recorded by Laura with live overdubs by the Radio Free All Stars; Thrift Shop Songs (BMI) admin Bug Music

Don Piper, Free to Grow; Turn it On (Don Piper) recorded live with the Radio Free All Stars; Situational Sounds (ASCAP); Situational Sounds / Almo Music Corp (ASCAP)

Peter Blegvad, Cryonic Trombone (Peter Blegvad) performed and recorded by Peter; Copyright Control Peter Blegvad

Kate Jacobs, Birds at the Feeder (Kate Jacobs) arrangement by Dave Schramm; recorded live with the Radio Free All Stars; Small Pond Music (BMI)

Leslie Daniels, Cleaning Nabokov’s House (Leslie Daniels) live reading from the novel; Simon & Schuster 2011

Radio Free All Stars, Reflection on Reading improvisation

Dale Lawrence, I Wouldn’t Lie to You (Dale Lawrence) performed and recorded by Dale Lawrence and Jake Smith with live overdubs by the Radio Free All Stars; Copyright Control Dale Lawrence

Glen Hansard, High Hope; Rare Bird; Alice (Glen Hansard) live with the Radio Free All Stars; Warner Chappell Music

Dave Schramm, Spent (Dave Schramm) performed and recorded by Dave; Hot Stove Music (BMI)

Nicholas Hill, Little Wheel Spin and Spin (Buffy St. Marie) live with the Radio Free All Stars, plus Timothy Hill; harmonic singing, electronic tamboura

Alana Amram and Kate Jacobs, If I Could Only Win Your Love (The Louvin Brothers) live with the Radio Free All Stars

Other guests:  Ted Barron, Tony Cenicola, Jeff Roth

Engineered by Gary Arnold assisted by Shane Steinhilber at Gary’s Chop Shop, NYC
January 25, 2011


Peter Holsapple: This month, I decided I’d exercise my option to present an older song that almost no one has heard.  It’s called Lay It on the Line and I recorded it several years ago when I lived in New Orleans. It was written when I was incredibly angry, which you can probably tell from the lyrics.  It’s one of those songs that I trusted implicitly because the words and music came at the same time.  Toying with the idea of making a second solo album, my good friends Tim Sommer and Mike Mayeux wanted to help make that happen. Mike, who’s recorded me since the dB’s days, manned the board and provided an endless supply of coffee; Tim, who I’ve known since his WNYU dj days and who eventually found me employment with Hootie, was the great overseer. I recorded the guitars, keyboard and bass to a very simple drum pattern at Ground Floor, Mike’s studio in Chalmette LA, and then Mike got our mutual friend Mike Barras to overdub real drums played real well. Then we got Alexandra Scott, a superb songwriter and singer, to come in and do the harmonies and background vocals.  Tim and Mike mixed it, presented it to me and I never did anything with it until now. I am eternally grateful to my friends for trying to encourage me to get something going, despite my overt tendency toward inertia.