If 9 Was 6

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If 9 Was 6: The Back to School Issue

All new music from:
Peter Blegvad, Kate Jacobs, Freedy Johnston, Jody Harris, Dave Schramm, Laura Cantrell, Peter Holsapple and special guest Lianne Smith

Presented by: Nicholas Hill

The Radio Free All Stars Mach 9: Dave Schramm, Anton Fier, Jeremy Chatzky, Gib Wharton

Back in the Chop Shop after summer vacation with special guest Lianne Smith who is recording an album with Anton Fier. Also Gib Wharton from San Antonio — passing through with a one-way ticket to Amsterdam. (Good luck, Gib!) Lots of live All Star overdubbing on club submissions and Nicholas covered for Victoria with her wonderful Frying Pan, All Star treatment of course.

Peter Blegvad, Clacton-on-Sea, Off-Season (Peter Blegvad) produced and engineered by Ed Haber and Ilana Pelzig Cellum. Peter, guitar, vocals and percussion; David Hofstra, bass; Andy Partridge, acoustic science and English seaside organ; Copyright Control Peter Blegvad  (see note below)

Kate Jacobs, Bricks and Mortar (Kate Jacobs); Recorded in Co. Mayo in Ireland. Kate, guitar, vocals; Sarah McEvilly, harmony vocal; Johnny Fadgen, mandocello; Rita Gill, piano; Tim Rogers, mandolin; mixed by Dave Schramm; Small Pond Music (BMI)

Lianne Smith, The Magpie Hunter (Lianne Smith), performed live in the studio with Dave Schramm on electric guitar; copyright control Lianne Smith

Freedy Johnston, Baby Baby Come Home (Freedy Johnston) performed and recorded by Freedy with live electric guitar overdub by Dave Schramm; Trouble Tree Music (BMI)

Jody Harris, In the Lost and Found (Jody Harris) performed and recorded by Jody; live overdubs from The Radio Free All Stars; copyright control Jody Harris

Dave Schramm, Background Music (Dave Schramm) performed and recorded by Dave; Hot Stove Music (BMI)

Laura Cantrell, Letters She Sent (Laura Cantrell) performed and recorded by Laura on a back porch in Signal Mountain, TN; live overdubs from the Radio Free All Stars; Thrift Shop Songs (BMI) admin Bug Music

Peter Holsapple, Dead to Me (Peter Holsapple) performed and recorded by Peter (see note below); Hospital Music (BMI) admin Bug Music

Nicholas Hill, Frying Pan (Victoria Williams) performed live with the Radio Free All Stars; Mumbletypeg Music (BMI)

Lianne Smith, The Thief (Lianne Smith), performed live with the Radio Free All Stars; copyright control Lianne Smith

Engineered by Gary Arnold at Gary’s Chop Shop, NYC Sept. 20, 2010

Songwriters’ comments:

Peter Blegvad on Clacton-on-Sea, Off-Season:

None of the new songs I began made it beyond the embryo stage so this month I’m offering Clacton-on-Sea, Off Season which is old, but was never released on record. This recording began in NYC at least a decade ago in a session produced and engineered by Ed Haber and Ilana Pelzig Cellum. David Hofstra played bass with his customary aplomb, but the track was never finished. Ed (who amongst other things produced “Versatile Heart” – Linda Thompson’s last album) kindly sent me a mix of the track last week to which I added harmonies, percussion, etc. And THEN, 2 days ago, it went to Andy Partridge (he of XTC, the Dukes of Stratosphear, etc. etc.) who added acoustic science and English seaside organ to make it as NEW as dammit, certainly a lot newer than it was. And better.

The lyrics were inspired by an experience I had in Thessaloniki in the early 70s of being transported by a low budget Chinese martial arts film with Greek subtitles.

I’ve never been to Clacton but I see online that it has “lovely sandy beaches, safe sea bathing, water sports, a Victorian pier with undercover amusements & a fun fair.”

Btw, an OAP is an Old Age Pensioner (Clacton is a popular “retirement destination”).

Peter Holsapple on Dead to Me:

I played this song for my wife, and I think she was taken aback by the nastiness of the lyrics.  So I tried then to couch the song in a kind of bluesy joviality, starting with an acoustic guitar that didn’t make the final cut. The drums, while nothing to worry Jim Keltner, are a significant improvement on the last tune’s.  Epi Les Paul Jr, NORD pianner, Dano Rumor bass and my accordion make up the remainder of the instrumentation.  It was big fun to record this in my new studio room, despite its unready state (drywall is up, no doors, no soundproof windows, no paint etc.).  The room gives me the feeling that these contributions may be sounding a lot better really soon.

Kate Jacobs on Bricks and Mortar:

I recorded this at home in Rosmindle, and also in the back room at Hoban’s Pub on the Octagon in Westport, Co. Mayo. If you’re ever in Westport stop by Hoban’s on a Saturday night and say hello to Rita. Sunday night go to the Wyatt Hotel at 8:30 for a session with Johnny Fadgen and Dan Delaney.

Dave Schramm on Background Music:

I had Holsapple Syndrome after penning this one. Felt like I had lifted something wholesale from some well-known 60’s pop tune….I suppose the arrangement reinforces that impression. No matter.

So damn tired of being beeped and dinged by every machine I encounter. And even more dehumanizing to walk down the street and be bludgeoned with music and sound that is merely extraneous, ancillary, incidental, irrelevant, unpurposed, fashion accessory, sales lure. Certainly not possible to actually pay attention to. Get outta my face, man!