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All new music from: Dave Schramm, Peter Holsapple, Jody Harris, Kate Jacobs, Freedy Johnston, Robin Holcomb, Laura Cantrell, Peter Blegvad, Victoria Williams and special guests Wreckless Eric and Amy Rigby.

Radio Free All Stars, Mach 7: Dave Schramm, David Mansfield, and Andy Burton, Paul Moschella and JD Foster.

Presented by: Nicholas Hill

Dave Schramm, Long Story Short (Dave Schramm)  Performed and recorded by Dave (vocals, acoustic guitar, bass and vibes). Live overdubs in the studio by David Mansfield (violin), Andy Burton (piano), Paul Moschella (drums) and Dave again (electric guitar); Hot Stove Music, BMI

Peter Holsapple, Crash Course in Love (Peter Holsapple) Performed and recorded by Peter (vocals and guitar); Hospital Music, BMI admin. Bug Music

Wreckless Eric and Amy Rigby, Do You Remember That? (Amy Rigby)  Performed live in the studio by Amy and Eric; Grantland Music admin. by Bug Music

Jody Harris, She Doesn’t Belong to Me (Jody Harris)   Performed and recorded by Jody (voals and guitar). Live overdubs in the studio by David Mansfield (mandolin), Dave Schramm (elecrtric guitar), Andy Burton (piano), Paul Moschella (drums) and JD Foster (bass); copyright control Jody Harris

Kate Jacobs, Slacker Mom Summer Song (Kate Jacobs)  Performed and recorded by Kate (vocals and guitar). Live overdubs in the studio by Dave Schramm (electric guitar), David Mansfield (violin), Andy Burton (piano), Paul Moschella (drums), and JD Foster (bass); Small Pond Music BMI

Freedy Johnston, The Sign Points Both Ways (Freedy Johnston)  Performed live in the studio by Freedy with Dave Schramm (electric guitar), David Mansfield (mandolin), Andy Burton (piano), Paul Moschella (drums) and JD Foster (bass); Trouble Tree Music BMI

Robin Holcomb, It Is a Blessing (Robin Holcomb)  Performed and recorded by Robin; St. Rose Music, ASCAP

Laura Cantrell, I Wish That I Was Driving Down Your Street (Laura Cantrell)  Performed live in the studio by Laura with David Mansfield (dobro),  Andy Burton (piano), Dave Schramm (mock-Nashville guitar),  JD Foster (bass) and Paul Moschella (drums); Thrift Shop Songs BMI admin. by Bug Music

Peter Blegvad, Golden Helmet (Peter Blegvad)  Performed and recorded by Peter (vocals, guitar, toys, etcetera); copyright control Peter Blegvad

Clinton Heylin, interview and reading from  Still on the Road: The Songs of Bob Dylan, 1974-2006

Nicholas Hill, Blind Willie McTell (Bob Dylan) live with the Radio Free All Stars

Victoria Williams, Amma Mama (Victoria Williams); Craig Eastman is the engineer/producer and pianist, and his wife Alison Moynihan doing background vocals; Mumbletypeg Music (BMI)

Wreckless Eric and Amy Rigby, Walls (Tom Petty)  Performed live in the studio by Amy and Eric; Gone Gator Music

Engineered by Gary Arnold at Gary’s Chop Shop, NYC;
June 16, 2010

Additional recording by Dave Schramm at Chop Shop Mobile.

Songwriters’ comments:

Peter Blegvad on Golden Helmet:

I seem to be writing a fair bit of what I’d call ‘doggerel’ these days, partly in hopes it might inspire a song for the club. This did, praise the Bordeaux region of France. It’s a parable, a meditation on age. Inspired by this antique emblem:

The emblem gave me a controlling image and (crucial) destination for rudderless narrative. (The helmet/hive might even be what drunks sometimes refer to as an “objective correlative” tho I’m too sober at the moment to know). This is first version I recorded of three. I like the insecurity of it. I play all instruments, some of which are toys. As is my recording setup. It’s a loooooooonnnnng song, but radically short on chords (2) so you really feel the weight of time. Obvious models would be big favourites Dylan (“Highlands”) and the Velvet Underground.

Golden Helmet was recorded in the front room of my home in Shepherds Bush, 

West London, late at night when everyone else was abed and the noises of

construction outside had abated. (Several neighbours on our street are

converting attics or excavating basements and the daytime din is intense).

The walls are thin which meant I had to play and sing quietly but that

seemed to suit the song. (I am, however, planning to do a heavier electric

version for a radio play I’m currently working on about memory loss). The

bells (suggestive of the helmet itself being hit and chiming?) are a Fischer

Price toy which I tapped at random with a ballpoint.



Peter Holsapple on Crash Course in Love:

This song was built from an idea I had, that so many of my songs are monothematic–why not write a song with a bunch of parts that don’t quite repeat, both lyrically and melodically?  A course syllabus came to mind for words. It seemed like a good idea at the time, of course.  The execution herewith is just me and guitar, although I could see it fleshed out and shimmering in different styles throughout the different parts.  And I even did a little song cannibalism again (“Oh mama, Peter’s self-plagiarized hisself again!” “Honey, don’t look, it’s not pretty.”)   Can you figure out what parts are from which songs?  No prizes, but won’t you feel smart figuring it out?

Kate Jacobs on Slacker Mom Summer Song:

I have been writing about characters who are very different from me but overlap in significant ways, allowing me to express things I could not in my own skin. I’m not this mother, and my life is quite different from hers, but I share her dilemma.

Dave Schramm on Long Story Short:

At sea until that snippet of a phrase presented itself (the title), after which it all came tumbling out fast as can be. But I suppose that’s a pretty normal course of events. The melody borrows the first 6 or 7 notes from another song Good Youth (recorded by The Schramms but as yet unreleased) then departs for parts unknown.