David Mansfield


I first heard about the Radio Free Song Club when Nicholas Hill posted the first one on Facebook. I downloaded it and as my wife and I sat in our cozy living room and listened it brought up memories of the scene in L.A. in the seventies, the late night canyon hangouts with other musicians as guitars would get passed around and we’d teach everyone our latest works-in-progress. I also remembered an evening in the Chateau Marmont, I think Jackson Browne and Linda Rondstadt were there, and Bobby Neuwirth passed his guitar with a “what new stuff d’ya got?”, and everyone in the room demurred; I knew the good old days were numbered. Suffice it to say, I immediately got off the couch, got in touch with Nick and offered my services, such as they are. Skip ahead about a dozen shows later, and the spirit is still going strong. I’m proud to be a member of this club (Groucho’s famous quote notwithstanding), and may even contribute a song or two myself once in a while. They’re a non-judgemental group.