26th Boxing Day Edition

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All new music from:
 Bob Musial, Alana Amram, Stuart Moxham, David Mansfield, Peter Holsapple, Kate Jacobs, Don Piper, Peter Blegvad, Dave Schramm, Freedy Johnston, and Amy Allison

Presented by: Nicholas Hill

The Radio Free All Stars: Dave Schramm, David Mansfield, JD Foster, Paul Moschella, Timothy Hill, and Don Piper

An unusually co-writery bunch of songs for our crew.  Amy Allison and David Mansfield, Don Piper and Ed Rogers, Kate Jacobs and Dave Schramm. Curious. Jody sent us Bob Musial, and Peter Blegvad sent Stuart Moxham. All tucked into the tiny Maid’s Room — truly and virtually — where Prosperity Dumplings are always just around the corner.

Bob Musial, Cuz It’s Christmas (Bob Musial/Dave Hofstra) and Flying Over Denver (Bob Musial); recorded live  — Bob Musial, vocal and guitar; Dave Hofstra, bass; Jake Musial, electric guitar; James Carrol, drums;  Cocoa-Muck Music

Peter Holsapple, Rehoboth (Peter Holsapple); performed and recorded by Peter Holsapple; Hospital Music (BMI) admin by Bug Music

David Mansfield: U Flipped the Switch (David Mansfield/Amy Allison); recorded live with the Radio Free All Stars; Jocada Music (BMI)/Shop Girl Songs (BMI) admin Bug Music

Kate Jacobs, The Dark Spark (Kate Jacobs/Dave Schramm); vocals, Kate; guitar, Dave; Small Pond Music (BMI)/Hot Stove Music (BMI)

Don Piper, Diana Dors (Don Piper/Ed Rogers); recorded live with the Radio Free All Stars; Situational Sounds (ASCAP)

Peter Blegvad, In the Middle of a Million Things (Peter Blegvad); performed and recorded by Peter Blegvad with Jody Harris on guitar; Copyright Control Peter Blegvad

Stuart Moxham, Adfrencher English Bond (Stuart Moxham); recorded by Stuart Moxham; Copyright Control Stuart Moxham

Alana Amram, Motor Bike (Alana Amram); recorded live with the Radio Free All Stars; Alanasaurus Rex (SESAC)

Dave Schramm, Penance (Dave Schramm); recorded live with the Radio Free All Stars; Hot Stove Music (BMI)

Freedy Johnston, The Girl with the Attitude (Freedy Johnston); vocal and guitar recorded by Freedy; live overdubs by the Radio Free All Stars; Trouble Tree Music (BMI)

Amy Allison, It Doesn’t Matter Any More (Amy Allison); recorded live with the Radio Free All Stars; Shop Girl Songs (BMI) admin Bug Music

Amy Allison, Drinking Through Christmas (Amy Allison); recorded live with the Radio Free All Stars; Shop Girl Songs (BMI) Administered by Bug Music.


Recorded by Jason Candler at The Maid’s Room, NYC, November 29, 2012.


Jody Harris, on Bob Musial: My brother Bob is one of those greatest songwriters you never heard of. He grew up in Miami. His dad was a cop who sailed his boat around the islands recording Calypso guys – you can hear it in his stuff.

He was in a top forty band in Florida called Big Red and the Wild Bunch, with Greg Bell on keys. (He also knew Arto and Mark and Connie of DNA and Mars down there — !!)

Bob and Greg came to NY in the early 70s, met Don Christensen and formed a band called the Loose Screws, basically a hard rock band with Bob’s satirical lyrics and over-the-top Calypso screeching. What a band.

I met them on the 4th of July 1976. They were blasting music onto the street from Don’s loft and throwing firecrackers at the crowd below (while skateboarding, with 50 toy robots running around the floor). These people crazy, I thought. I will look more deeply into this. Eventually David Hofstra and I joined the band. In 78 or so Don Christensen and I hived off to do the Contortions. David has played with Bob ever since.

Until a couple of years ago Bob held a kind of daily pow-wow in his basement Clubhouse, where the local talent mixed with the walking wounded and made life interesting for all of us.

His band has gone through many name and personnel changes – Lefty, the House of Strangers, the Band of George. Don and I joined the Band of George in the early 90s and played fondly remembered bar gigs for several years. Lately he’s been playing with his son Jake and friends.

He’s one of the funniest and all-around very best lyricists ever, and he’s always got a melody.

Like I say, the only reason I don’t write songs like Bob is cause I can’t.

Peter Holsapple, on Rehoboth: I had a massive realization that my Holsapple syndrome alert system worked when this morning, out of a dead sleep, I awoke and realized that I’d purloined the chords to Rehoboth from, of all things, Stone Temple Pilots’ “Interstate Love Song” (that’s pronounced IN-ter-stayt, not in-TER-stet, btw) which I’d covered with Hootie on and off. That said, I used the chords for good and not evil, so I think I’m going to be all right… I think…