Catch 23

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All new music (mostly) from:
 Rick Moody, Simone White, Freedy Johnston, Don Piper, Kate Jacobs, Dave Schramm, Peter Blegvad, Laura Cantrell, Jody Harris, and Peter Holsapple; Nicholas Hill covers Levon and the Hawks

Presented by: Nicholas Hill

The Radio Free All Star Orchestra: Dave Schramm, David Mansfield, JD Foster, Konrad Meisner, Ted Reichman, Don Piper, Matt Horn, and Franklin Bruno

Back in the Chop Shop, thank you Gary! Rick Moody and Simone White were our guests, throwing themselves into the instant nature of the thing and reveling in the All Star experience. Because what happens is: you bring in a new song, tender and green, and in a few minutes you’re singing it with a great band giving it their glorious all. Nicholas honored Levon Helm with a Levon and the Hawks tune. Further elegies from Don, Kate and Peter B. Dave collaborated with Rick, and Laura with Franklin Bruno. Freedy and Jody got band do-overs of earlier songs. And Rick read from his new collection of essays on music, an exhortation to the drummers of Europe, with band accompaniment.

Nicholas Hill, He Don’t Love You and He’ll Break Your Heart (Levon &  the Hawks); recorded live with the Radio Free All Stars

Kate Jacobs, Hipshot (Kate Jacobs, arr. Dave Schramm); recorded live with the Radio Free All Stars; Small Pond Music (BMI)

Rick Moody, Ravensway (Rick Moody); recorded live with the Radio Free All Stars; Grow Your Own Music (BMI).

Dave Schramm, He Pulled the Ladder Up (Dave Schramm/Rick Moody); recorded live with the Radio Free All Stars; Hot Stove Music (BMI) / Grow Your Own Music (BMI).

Simone White, Rain, Rain (Simone White); recorded live with the Radio Free All Stars; Domino (ASCAP)

Peter Blegvad, Simon at the Stone (Peter Blegvad); recorded by Peter with overdubs from the Radio Free All Stars; Copyright Control Peter Blegvad

Laura Cantrell, No Way There from Here (Laura Cantrell/Franklin Bruno); recorded live with the Radio Free All Stars and Franklin on piano; Thrift Shop Songs (BMI) admin. Bug Music/Stopgap Measures (BMI) admin. Pacific Electric Music

Peter Holsapple, Bluesy Mama (Peter Holsapple); performed and recorded by Peter; Hospital Music (BMI) admin by Bug Music

Don Piper, H (Don Piper); recorded live with Matt Horn and the Radio Free All Stars; Situational Sounds (ASCAP)

Freedy Johnston, I Really Miss Ya Blues (Freedy Johnston); recorded by Freedy with overdubs by the Radio Free All Stars; Trouble Tree Music (BMI)

Rick Moody, Europe Forsake Your Drum Machines (Rick Moody); live reading from his book On Celestial Music – and Other Adventures in Listening. With the Radio Free All Stars featuring Konrad Meissner; Grow Your Own Music (BMI).

Jody Harris, What Love Can Do (Jody Harris); recorded by Jody with live overdubs by the Radio Free All Stars; Copyright Control Jody Harris

Recorded by Gary Arnold at Gary’s Chop Shop NYC on May 8th, 2012.

Special thanks to Gary Langol for the Hammond M3


Peter Blegvad, on Simon at the Stone

I was hoping to work on an idea… a sketch I recorded a few weeks ago, but I never got round to it.
I attach the sketch – rough, a bit distorted.
It wants to have different lyrics for the second verse.
One day…

Simon is Simon Marsden, an old friend – photographer, “ghost hunter” – a very romantic figure.

The Stone is the Blarney Stone on Fulton St where Simon and I were regulars in the 70s and 80s.