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All new music from: Peter Holsapple, Dave Schramm, Laura Poe and Don Piper, Kate Jacobs, Peter Blegvad,  Jody Harris, and special guests Howe Gelb, Greggory Stockert, Greg Trooper, and Timothy Hill. Pinch hitter: Ted Barron.

Presented by: Nicholas Hill

The Radio Free All Stars: Dave Schramm, David Mansfield, JD Foster, Paul Moschella, Timothy Hill and Doug Wieselman

This show was recorded on a hot August evening in NYC and has a distinctly loopy late summer quality. A positive blessing of songs. Laura Poe came with Don Piper and a wonderful country song (oh that David Mansfield fiddle on a country song . . . );  Greggory Stockert came from Oregon with a song and Nicholas’ brother Timothy Hill joined the All Stars on piano for the night, and guested with his own fresh tune; recorded pieces from Dave Schramm (the evil that man does?) Peter Holsapple (silk and organdy and tulle and things) Peter Blegvad (kill the trombonist); tracks overdubbed by the All Stars from guest Howe Gelb (oh so sweet, and that clarinet), Greg Trooper on a steel deck bridge and his warm wonderful voice, Kate Jacobs requesting and receiving a sweet sad sixties sound from the All Stars; the incurably romantic Jody Harris being as incurable and inscrutable as ever, and most romantic.

Howe Gelb, Reality or Not (Howe Gelb); recorded by Howe Gelb at home. Howe – piano and vocal, Thøger T. Lund – stand up bass. Live overdubs by Doug Wieselman, clarinet, and David Mansfield, thingy;  scatterland my little darlin’ (BMI)

Dave Schramm, The Terrible Hole (Dave Schramm); performed and recorded by Dave Schramm; Hot Stove Music (BMI)

Laura Poe, We (Laura Poe); recorded live with Don Piper and the Radio Free All Stars; Copyright Control Laura Poe

Peter Holsapple, Cinderella Style (Peter Holsapple); performed and recorded by Peter; Hospital Music (BMI) admin Bug Music

Kate Jacobs, This Time Last Year (Kate Jacobs, arrangement by James MacMillan); vocals and acoustic guitar (James) recorded by Kate, live overdubs by the Radio Free All Stars; Small Pond Music (BMI)

Greggory Stockert, Falling Birds (Greggory Stockert); recorded live with the Radio Free All Stars; Greggory Stockert (BMI)

Peter Blegvad, The Cryonic Trombone (Peter Blegvad); performed and recorded by Peter and Andy Partridge; Copyright Control Peter Blegvad

Greg Trooper, Steel Deck Bridge (Greg Trooper); performed and recorded by Greg with live overdubs by the Radio Free All Stars; 52 Shakes Music (BMI)

Timothy Hill, Conguero (Timothy Hill); live with the Radio Free All Stars;  Melihodos Music (ASCAP)

Jody Harris, She Walks It Like She Talks It (Jody Harris); recorded by Jody Harris with live overdubs by the Radio Free All Stars; Copyright Control Jody Harris

Radio Free Song played live by the Radio Free All Stars

Engineered by Gary Arnold at The Chop Shop, NYC August 16, 2011


Howe Gelb:

My piano is from 1888 and tuned down a whole step intentionally … so my C is really Bb … Thøger T. Lund plays stand up bass.

Dave Schramm:

I suppose this tune is my entry in the Michael Hurley anti-Monsanto song campaign, though that’s just the second verse.

Peter Holsapple:

Here’s the skinny:

I had a verse of music I liked — the melody was low, but it could’ve been a samba and sounded all right. I opted for my usual ‘folk rock’ style because my kids hid my egg shakers which made a samba out of the question. Lyrics were forthcoming, nothing too great and maybe a little artificial. It was a love song, and it needed to be less about love and more about ancillary events. On the way down to the studio, I passed my smart wife’s sewing room and began to think of cloth and its variances. It all fell together about 1:00 in the morning when I should’ve been long abed; my eyes were drooping and there were long pauses between the words I was trying to write. When it was done, I slept on it and finished the track the next day with only minor revisions.

Radio Free Song Club game: two lines remain from the original artificial version, see if you can spot them!

Instrumentation – four of me singing two parts, two Guild acoustics (one capo VII), the new Squier Modified Jaguar bass, my accordion and, for the first time EVER since ninth grade, flute. My embouchure pretty much stinks, which barely matters since my flute has shed some of its pads, limiting its playability to the notes you hear here (hear! hear!). No drums or percussion (see above for failed samba experiment).

Have a large time at the taping, and say hello to everyone from me.


Peter H.

Peter Blegvad:

For our LUCKY THIRTEEN program, I contributed a track called “The Cryonic Trombone” — me reading a story over my own lo-fi guitar and keyboard riff. Andy Partridge liked the text — he called it “machine porn” — and suggested we re-record it for “Gonwards”, the album we’re making with Stuart Rowe. And, wouldn’t you know, Andy had a piece of music which gave the story a new slant and a much richer atmosphere…

I worry that it might bore regular listeners to hear the same story again, but Andy’s music is so gorgeous… plus I hope some folks might be intrigued to hear the Before and After versions, to witness the process whereby a sketch or demo has become a more ambitious and polished artifact.

About the image : As a kid, my daughter Kaye played trombone. I’ve always loved this wonky papier maché model she made of her instrument at the time…