Seven and Seven Is

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All new music from
 Peter Holsapple, Kate Jacobs, Peter Blegvad, Dave Schramm and Jody Harris with special guests Jennie Lowe Stearns, Stephen McCarthy, Steve Wynn, JP Houston and Jay Sherman-Godfrey. Poetry by Robin Rosemond. Nicholas Hill keeps honoring Canadians.

Presented by: Nicholas Hill

The Radio Free All Stars: Dave Schramm (electric guitar), David Mansfield (dobro, mandolin, violin), Doug Wieselman (clarinet and bass clarinet, electric guitar, vocals), Andy Burton (piano), Paul Moschella (drums) and Al Greller (bass).

Peter Holsapple kept his promise and made the trek from N.C. It was inspirationally sublime to have him in the studio with a brand new song and a Byrds cover, playing with yet another great All Star gang. Victoria and Laura took the new “sub” option and sent us JP Houston (Vic’s neighbor in the desert), and Jay Sherman-Godfrey (Laura’s neighbor in Brooklyn). In an overflowing evening, Stephen McCarthy and Steve Wynn showed up with a song they wrote that day, special for the show. Kate’s song was deconstructed and arranged by the All Stars. Dave is falling deeper down the hole of wondrous pop melody and Jody could barely keep a straight face singing a lyric that came to him in a dream and kept his wife up. Jennie Lowe Stearns sent a beautiful, brief song and the All Stars played along, showing their most delicate side.

Jennie Lowe Stearns, Stone (Jennie Lowe Stearns) performed and recorded by Jennie with Radio Free All Star overdubs; Porchbone Publishing (BMI)

Peter Holsapple, 1820 (Peter Holsapple); live with the Radio Free All Stars; Hospital Music (BMI) admin Bug Music

Kate Jacobs, The Careless Girl (Kate Jacobs; arranged by Dave Schramm, Andy Burton and Paul Moschella) recorded live with the Radio Free All Stars; Small Pond Music (BMI)

Peter Blegvad, Bureau of Missing Persons (Peter Blegvad) performed and recorded by Peter; Copyright Control Peter Blegvad

Dave Schramm, Man of Few Words (Dave Schramm) live with the Radio Free All Stars; Hot Stove Music (BMI)

Stephen McCarthy and Steve Wynn, Charmed (Stephen McCarthy/Steve Wynn) live with the Radio Free All Stars; Three Chopt Music  (BMI) admin Bug Music/Poisoned  Brisket Music (BMI) admin Bug Music)

Jody Harris, Pretty Creatures (Jody Harris) live with the Radio Free All Stars; Copyright Control Jody Harris  (see below for complete lyrics)

JP Houston, Mother Ann Lee (JP Houston); Words and music by JP Houston (Houstune Publishing) SOCAN

Jay Sherman-Godfrey, New Year’s Here (Jay Sherman Godrey) performed and recorded by Jay with Cheri Leone, backing vocals and Diego Voglino, drums; Kalamakeepsie Music (BMI) administered by Bug Music

Nicholas Hill, The French Girl (Ian Tyson/ Sylvia Fricker) live with the Radio Free All Stars and Kate as the French girl; Publisher: M. Witmark & Sons

Peter Holsapple, Wasn’t Born to Follow (Gerry Goffin/Carole King) live with the Radio Free All Stars and Stephen McCarthy; Screen Gems-EMI Music, Inc. (BMI)

Robin Rosemond, First Poem: The Only Reason To Live Is To Love; Second Poem: Ode To Radio Free Song Club. Copyright: Rosemond Productions.

Engineered by Gary Arnold assisted by Mike Anglim at Gary’s Chop Shop, NYC February 24, 2011

Additional guests:  Ted Barron, Linda Pitmon

Pretty Creatures (Jody Harris)

Pretty creatures, with eyes of steel,
confess the Mystery of Sex Appeal
Pretty creatures in evening clothes
talk about the Inviolate Rose
Slender paws, poised to make polite applause
The Hag above
turns her face
to the lovely breeze

But when you’re dead, and all is said and done,
will the little things you do live on?
Cherchez, cherchez
la famine et la peste –
pretty creatures need their rest

And so to bed – send out the raveled sleeve
to be made new (in the Perfect Laundry)
How sweet the pause . . .
And then, another cabbalistic interview
with the elusive
Santa Claus

Do I dare to eat a peach?
You know it ain’t no sin
to take off
your skin

A nameless dread breathes within
the creatures of fame –
penguins jostling on the brink
of the Last Hurrah
Who will be the one to pierce
the ghostly membrane?
And will there be tigers there –
or aspic?
Or Shangri La?